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TEAC TA-TS30UN platematte washi-papir

Dette er en innovativ platematte som sørger for optimale betingelser for avspilling av vinyl. 

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kr 399.00
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En unik platematte laget av Un-Ryu Washi-papir. Dette er en innovativ platematte som sørger for optimale betingelser for avspilling av vinyl. Washi-papiret har meget gunstige antistatiske egenskaper og sørger for mindre statisk utladning under avspilling av LP-ene dine. Papirfibrene er utvunnet fra morbær-trær. Platematten er vendbar og har en hvit side og en lys grå side.

Fra produsentens hjemmeside:

Removing dust on vinyl records with a dust sweeper is one of the most ceremonious things when play music, and it is an emotional moment for the greatest experience that about to begin. However, it may sometimes a bothering process to remove dust persistently sticks on the records due to static, which makes you annoy.

In order to provide a comfortable moment of listening to muisc, we considered removing static from records is essential to make this ceremony excite, and tried to find the best material for a turntable sheet from the scratch. Traditionally, silicon rubber, felt or cork is used for turntable sheet, because of its attribute of shock-absorbing. However, we considered the most essential things for turntable sheet is to reduce static, and came to a conclusion of using "WASHI" after dozens tests to find an ideal material that matches the condition.

"WASHI" is a traditional Japanese paper made from the fibers of Mulberry trees. With natural durability, it’s been widely used for UKIYO-E printings and paper currency for centuries. Recently, it’s been re-discovered and used for stationary and interior fabrics for its beautiful design and excellent functionality. Particularly, "Un-Ryū Shi" is a unique type of WASHI made using special techniques which, showcasing the skill of the craftsman, can be seen in the characteristic fiber pattern on the paper. By combining this WASHI with Stone-paper for core material, this turntable sheet gains mass and becomes uniformly flat, while restricting vibration, reducing static electricity, and preventing dust from accumulating.

The TA-T30UN is the ultimate turntable sheet that provides an ideal condition for record playing at the highest dimension.


  • Type Full-size Turntable Sheet, Reversible
  • Core Material Stone Paper (80% calcium carbonate, 20% polyethylene)
  • Surface Material WASHI paper (Un-Ryu Shi)
  • Overall Dimensions 300mm / 11.8” diameter, 1mm / 0.04” thickness
  • Weight approx. 44 g / 1.6 oz.
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